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Other Services
An Attorney Is On-Staff
Matthew Adam Properties provides outstanding legal services for the properties we manage. We have an attorney on staff to handle many of the day-to-day legal issues that arise. This saves associations both time and money and assures that an attorney is available when needed. Our lawyers also handle the legal aspects of closings and filings with various government agencies. They assist the account representative and boards to expedite matters, but are not substitutes for the outside counsel retained by boards.

We Evaluate Insurance Coverages
We offer properties we manage one of the largest and most successful insurance programs in the industry. For each property, our insurance specialists review policies and insurance claim procedures to determine sufficient coverage and to negotiate the best premiums available.

Planning for Major Capital Improvements
Our Strategic Management Program is geared to taking a long-term view of your property and helps considerably in identifying and financing major capital improvement projects. We develop five-year programs so major projects are spread out to ease the financial burden on the association and its individual shareholders or unit-owners. Sound financial planning takes into account maintaining an adequate reserve fund for use in emergencies or to pay for capital improvements.

Managing Capital Improvements
Our account representatives have considerable experience managing capital improvement projects. We begin by developing the scope of the work and organizing the bid process; we monitor the project throughout. We maintain a sealed bids policy. When the project requires their expertise, we work with professional architects and engineers to develop the scope of the work and the RFPs. We can also serve as project managers.

Purchasing Policies and Procedures That Make Economic Sense
We manage numerous properties and use this buying clout to negotiate cost-saving prices for our properties. While we maintain adequate supplies at each building, we do not overstock. The use of supplies is checked against purchase orders, work tickets and inventory control data.

Government Regulation Compliance
We maintain a file to keep track of compliance with government regulations and inspections, and reporting requirements. Tax reporting and periodic payments are verified by at least two individuals in our finance department.

Scheduled Inspections
Our account representatives visit the properties they manage at least once a week, and usually more often. They conduct regularly scheduled inspections noting the upkeep of the building, the operation of all systems and the conduct and appearance of the building staff. They meet with the superintendent and the building staff. We set staff schedules to maximize efficiency and monitor staff performance. The work order system we developed organizes jobs and helps track their progress and completion.
Preventive maintenance contracts are closely monitored to assure vendors are fulfilling their obligations and all the systems and equipment are operating properly and efficiently.

Quick Response to Emergencies
We are available around-the-clock to handle an emergency. Our "Quick Response" 24-hour answering service contacts the "on duty" account representative as well as the individual representative immediately. We have excellent relationships with reliable contractors who can respond quickly. We manage buildings throughout the metropolitan area and can call on superintendents from other buildings if needed. A designated board member is always apprised of any emergency.

"Energy Plus" Program: Best Price, Quality Service
By combining well-informed purchasing practices with our considerable knowledge of mechanical systems, we significantly reduce energy costs. We call it our "Energy Plus" program. To start, our managers conduct in-depth surveys of fuel, water and electricity consumption to determine mechanical inefficiencies and wasteful practices. We continuously analyze new products and methods and recommend those we believe have merit. There are numerous government grants and tax savings available for certain conservation installations and we advise boards on how to qualify for these. With our knowledge of energy procurement and ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) and our bulk purchasing power, we can purchase oil, electricity and gas at excellent rates for our properties. Unlike many of our competitors who add a charge for their services, all the savings goes to our clients, and this can be considerable.

"Green Management Program"
Matthew Adam Properties is committed to improving the environment and quality of life of residents of properties we manage. We have established a comprehensive Green Management Program that eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, reduces dangerous carbon emissions and saves money.

Safety and Security Are Top Priorities
Security systems - from the simplest door lock to the most sophisticated electronic program - are constantly monitored for proper operation and suggestions for improvement are made when necessary. We instruct the building's staff to check doors and windows for possible security failures and to report and fix these immediately.

We Have an Efficient Transfer Department
Our professional transfer department handles sales, transfers and subleasing procedures, in accordance with the board's policies.