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September 2020

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing 1280 807 Matthew Adam Properties

We are learning new things as the coronavirus pandemic continues its suffocating impact on our lives.


One area that has gained increased focus and importance is contact tracing.


While there have been issues with this both locally and nationwide – finding enough contactors and having infected persons identify those they have been in contact with – we at  Matthew Adam Properties are proactive in this.

Here are some of the steps we follow:

  • We keep a ledger containing visitor’s names, who they are visiting and their cell numbers
  • This same procedure follows for workmen and vendors coming into the building
  • We keep track of the apartments where our staff has been

If residents become sick, we immediately can identify those they have been in their apartment.

We are exploring software that can do the job, while adhering to privacy requirements, thereby eliminating handwritten ledgers.