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Our Strategic Management program distinguishes us in our approach, responsiveness, dedication and professionalism.

We take pride in the quality and the integrity of our asset managers and our team approach. We work together to provide your property with personal service, attention to detail and sincere concern – the proven old-fashioned ingredients that we combine with the most modern systems and technology. Our experienced account representatives keep current with the latest changes through our emphasis on continuing professional education.


Our asset managers are responsible for daily operations and maintenance. The manager visits the property at least weekly and is the conduit between the board and residents. The manager meets with the superintendent/resident manager to discuss staff schedules, performance and efficiency, review resident issues and assess the physical plant. In addition, the manager monitors contracts and the performance of vendors and interfaces with attorneys, contractors and vendors.


Our Strategic Management program facilitates the transition process and helps us move quickly when we officially start.

As we transition your account into our portfolio, we are cognizant that every issue must be incorporated into management files for your property. We conduct a comprehensive property evaluation to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your property and create a customized plan including short term and long-term needs. Our asset manager and the board review the objectives and set priorities. Periodic reviews are conducted to evaluate the progress and success of these initiatives and alternate methods are considered when necessary.


Effective management requires professionals who control expenses while maintaining your property in the best physical condition commensurate with your long-term investment policies.

Our managers know the entire financial picture of a property and can provide prompt responses for information about a myriad of issues. We start each management assignment with a comprehensive financial analysis of your property; once completed, specific goals are set. Senior-level financial specialists review billings and payments providing another level of scrutiny.

Monthly Financial Reports

Our reports are clear, comprehensive and on-time. Our reports include:a statement of collections and disbursements, copies of paid bill, a list of payables, the status of shareholder/unit owner accounts, a payroll register, a cash journal and comparison of current and year-to-date expenditures with the budget.

Collection of Monthly Charges

Matthew Adam Properties uses its best efforts to collect all monthly charges in the first week of each month, or as they become due. For payments in arrears, we follow the board’s policies. We also work with the board to see if improvements can be made in the system to increase collection promptness and reduce legal disputes.

Careful Budgeting Guides Your Property’s Growth

The annual budget sets the financial and operational plan for a property. Our experienced financial staff works with your asset manager and the board treasurer to develop a budget that meets the operational goals of the board while keeping a long-term perspective for future improvements. Staying within the budget is of prime importance; we carefully monitor it throughout the year, reporting budget variances as they occur.

Insurance Coverage

Our clients have access to one of the largest and most successful insurance programs in the industry. Our insurance specialists review policies to determine coverage needs and to negotiate the best premiums available.


With our exceptional strategic management approach, Matthew Adam Properties focuses on adding value to your home.

Legal Advice

Our on-staff attorney provides counsel on day-to-day issues including closings and filing with government agencies. While our attorney can assist with expediting certain matters, they do not substitute for outside counsel.

Purchasing Power

As the management company for numerous properties, we negotiate discounted prices for many building supplies. Our policy is to maintain adequate supplies without overstocking. All savings are passed through to the clients.

Government Regulation Compliance

We document and keep track of government regulations and inspections. All permits are kept up-to-date and all necessary filings addressed promptly. Tax reporting and periodic payments are verified by at least two individuals in our finance department.

Transfer Department

Our professional transfer department handles sales, transfers and subleasing procedures, in accordance with the board’s policies.

Green Management Program

We are committed to improving the environment and protecting the health of residents. We have established a comprehensive Green Management Program that eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, reduces dangerous carbon emissions and saves money.

Capital Improvements

We have more than three decades of experience planning and managing capital improvement project of all sizes and complexity.

As part of our strategic management approach, we create five-year capital programs to plan for needed upgrades and to spread out the expenses to ease the financial burden for owners while maintaining an adequate reserve fund. We can develop the scope of work and serve as project manager or work with professionals. We review the RFPs and organize a sealed bid process. The board and residents are updated on a timely basis.

Rapid Response to Emergencies

We are available 24/7 to handle any emergency with a 24-hour answering service that immediately contacts the on-duty asset manager and the building’s assigned asset manager. A designated board member is promptly apprised of any emergency.

Energy Plus Program

Best Price, Quality Service

By combining well-informed purchasing practices with our considerable knowledge of mechanical systems, we can significantly reduce energy costs. Our managers conduct in-depth surveys of fuel, water and electricity consumption to determine mechanical inefficiencies. We continuously analyze new products and methods and advise boards how to qualify for government grants and tax savings, All the savings go to our clients.

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