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From our years of experience managing properties, we developed a system called Strategic Management.

Our Strategic Management program is the foundation for every assignment. We adapt sound business principles with objectives and a timetable to measure our performance and your property’s improvements considering the short-term needs, as well as long-term requirements. It is a planned approach, rather than the usual band-aid cure, reduces unwanted surprises and gives a board comfort in knowing that important concerns are being addressed.


We are in the forefront of improving management services.

Matthew Adam Properties has established a stellar reputation for quality and innovative management services for residential properties. The growth and loyalty of our clients are testament to our prompt, smart and personalized services.  We are industry leaders in innovation in such areas as increasing value, reducing costs and providing a safe and healthy “Green” environment for residents and staff.


We are known for our Honesty and Transparency.

Our mission is to provide the finest, professional management with honesty and transparency as we build long-term relationships with boards and residents. We promise to apply our experience and expertise and work pro-actively to meet a board’s objectives without promising unattainable miracles.


Ira Meister is founder and president of Matthew Adam Properties. His tremendous energy and unparalleled understanding of building management and board operations have made him a respected leader in property management.

Ira is an active principal who takes a hands-on approach to running the company, and, in fact, manages several properties. He says effective and efficient property management starts with an educated board. “I have three goals necessary for quality property management: educate the board, communicate openly, and respond in a timely manner.” Great emphasis is placed on using the latest technology and under Ira’s leadership the company has become an industry leader in this area.

Ira began his career in management in the early 1980s as the director of plant management for one of New York’s largest self-managed cooperatives with over 5,500 units; he was promoted rapidly through the ranks to executive assistant director of the co-op. He then served in executive level positions with several of New York’s largest management firms before starting Matthew Adam Properties.

He is a member of the New York Real Estate Board’s Residential Management Committee, where he is active in efforts to pass legislation to license and regulate property managers. He is a Registered Apartment Manager (RAM) and Certified Real Estate Appraiser (CREA).

Among the numerous awards he has received are: the coveted Attorney General’s Award for Community Concern; the first Management Achievement award from the Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York (ABO); and the Award of Excellence from the Manhattan Resident Managers Club and the Metropolitan Building Managers of New York.

Ira Meister

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