Keeping Busy during COVID-19

Keeping Busy during COVID-19

Keeping Busy during COVID-19 2560 1707 Matthew Adam Properties

By Ira Meister President and CEO – Matthew Adam Properties, Inc.

In many neighborhoods in New York City, apartment dwellers are taking to their windows each evening at 7 o’clock to applaud and show appreciation to health care workers, first responders, grocery store employees, truck drivers and all the others who are keeping us safe, healthy and fed during these unprecedented times.

Those are just a few things that are keeping us busy. Below you will find links to some additional informative and entertaining websites:

Dinner’s in the Bag

Coronavirus precautions have radically redefined the ways New Yorkers live and do business, but there may be no industry that’s suffering more than our restaurants. Fortunately, helping our friends in the food business requires something we’re already really good at– calling for takeout. Eater NYC has compiled a great list of carryout and delivery options across the five boroughs.

The Show Must Go On!

The Metropolitan Opera has launched “Nightly Met Opera Streams” as all upcoming performances were canceled. All Nightly Met Opera Streams will begin at 7:30pm EDT and will remain available via the homepage of for 20 hours.

“Remote” Just Got a New Meaning for Movie Night

Netflix Party is a simple Google Chrome extension that allows users to sync video playing and pausing, and it has a group chat feature. The perfect way to enjoy some of your favorite shows and movies with friends from afar.

Who Needs the Gym?

Work out from home! There are plenty of options to stream different types of workout classes from the comfort of your own home. CBS News has compiled a list of fitness studios that are offering free live-streaming classes to help you stay physically fit and active.

The Enemy in Your Hand

You can glop on all the sanitizer you want, but if your phone is filthy, your hands are too. One of the best things you can do to stay healthy is to keep your smartphone clean. The New York Times has compiled a brief but helpful guide to disinfecting your smartphone.

Protecting Your Mental Health

Here are five simple ways to ease anxiety and care for yourself during this stressful time.