The Matthew Adam Properties Way – 2

The Matthew Adam Properties Way – 2

The Matthew Adam Properties Way – 2 2000 1333 Matthew Adam Properties

Since the coronavirus pandemic engulfed us earlier this year, we at Matthew Adam Properties have taken a conservative approach to keeping our residents, visitors and staffs safe. We have been active as we seek creative measures, such as keeping a tracing log of visitors, but the focus of our efforts has been diligently following guidelines. This is not a time to seek shortcuts

We require masks for all employees and strictly follow social distancing.

Our doormen and concierges wear gloves and have face shields as added protection for them and others. The desks have protective shields.  Hand sanitizing stations are set up throughout public areas and our staffs continually clean public areas using high-quality materials.  When possible, we adhere to our policy of using non-toxic materials.

Elevators are cleaned on a schedule and we recommend limiting occupancy to no more than three persons.  Almost everyone adheres to these requirements as New Yorkers have distinguished themselves in understanding that when we protect others, we protect ourselves.